follow our 3 step routine and gain maximum performance from your bathroom cabinet!

Optimum Beard & Face Care For Men

1. Wash Your Face

Use our face wash to remove ingrain dirt from the skin. It also provides your skin with elasticity benefits, which keeps the skin firm.


2. Apply Serum

Use of 1 of our cutting-edge facial serums to solve your skin concern with nourishing active benefits that reverses cell damage.

3. Moisturise 

Finish with 1 of our face creams to play a supportive role over the serum, Providing 12 hour hydration and protective coating across the skin.

For Daily Shaving & Skin Care

CHF 19.00
Carter's | Odyssey Face Wash | 200ml

Feel the long term bond as your face absorbs the super antioxidant ingredient called cellulose that helps keep your skin elasticity vibrant, whilst it lifts hair follicles for a closer and deeper shave without causing a case of the irritations. 

CHF 22.00
Carter's | Vitamin B5 Face Cream | Sensitive Skin 50ml

Light but condensed hydration moisturiser that should be used after shaving or using our antioxidant serum. Developed with key nutritional benefits for men’s tough skin, our Face cream takes care of dry skin concerns in quick time.