Can Rosacea Prone Skin Be Helped Naturally?

100% Natural Products Suitable for rosacea prone skin

"We've dedicated ourselves to creating a specialized product line for those with skin prone to rosacea."

John Hamilton, Co-Founder, Natural Elements

25 years experience in dermatology

(skin disorder & anti-ageing cell research) 

"We get amazing feedback about our natural formulas. Our samples offer a chance to effectively manage your skin concerns. While not profitable for us, the results are worth it as so many have found; with 9 out of 10 people returning to purchase full sizes. Not only are they effective, but they also offer excellent anti-ageing benefits."

On this page:

"I tried the samples sent, both the rosacea prone and the sensitive, on separate sides of my face and found great results with both.

My skin is much more comfortable and a lot less red. The soreness is much reduced, as are the spots, even after a very short time.

I will go forward with a full sizes of the rosacea prone system, as it seems to be giving me relief and i'm having the greatest success with these. 

Here's hoping for a long-term solution. Thank you"

"I’m so impressed by your products, I’ve been on antibiotics using so many different creams and nothing has reduced the redness as much as your calming products."


Types of Rosacea:

  • Facial Rosacea

    Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea: Facial redness Rosacea: Occasional redness appearing on your nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, and chest, usually not lasting longer than a few minutes each occurrence – this can cause your face to feel hot, warm, or painful. When using water or skincare products, you might notice a burning or stinging feeling.

  • Acne Rosacea

    Papulopustular Rosacea: Also known as acne-like rosacea, Spots and redness appearing on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead. 

  • Rosacea around nose

    Phymatous Rosacea: Skin tissue either thickens or multiplies, particularly affecting the nose, which becomes larger and more bulbous, a condition known as rhinophyma. This condition can also appear on the forehead, chin, and cheeks, and tends to occur more frequently in men.

  • Rosacea around eyes:

    Ocular rosacea is an inflammatory condition of the eyes, presenting with symptoms like redness, a sensation of burning, and itchiness. Given the skin around the eyes is so thin we have special formulation for this very sensitive area. See our Restoration serum for inflamed and sore skin around the eyes

Multi-Chemical Sensitivity (MCS):

Additionally, skin that is sensitive to allergies can mimic rosacea symptoms, as can Multi-Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

Medical professionals often struggle to distinguish between these conditions, leading to incorrect diagnoses and inappropriate treatments like antibiotics or creams.

MCS can exacerbate the issue.

Rosacea and MCS look almost the same

That's why we offer two distinct sample sets: one for those susceptible to rosacea and another for those with MCS-induced skin sensitivity. Our natural skincare formulations made a significant difference for so many of our clients in managing these conditions.

Our products are effective for problematic skin because they lack the synthetic chemicals found in the vast majority of skincare products, including medical-grade ones. 

If you are completely at a loss with your doctor over their rosacea treatment, you are not alone.

The hundreds of people who come to us daily feel the same, but we will help.

If your skin is worrying you and would like to talk about it, you are welcome to get in touch with our chief consultant

Find out why our products work so much better.

The natural ingredients in our skincare line can be a game-changer, as they support the body's self-healing process without irritating the skin. They also offer a protective barrier against makeup chemicals.

For men, avoiding conventional shaving foams and gels is crucial, as these products are laden with synthetic chemicals.

Finally, we're also deeply committed to environmental sustainability, ensuring that all our ingredients are eco-friendly, made in the UK and our packaging is recyclable.

Which is most suitable for me?

To find the most suitable natural formula for you, we can provide sample sized versions of both product types; 

  • for rosacea prone skin

  • for allergy/extra sensitive skin

Once we identify which works best for you, you should transition to using the full-sized value packs but, please remember to steer clear of harmful chemicals, including those present in sunscreens whilst using the samples.

Reviews from Verified buyers:

Individual Full Sized Products Suitable For Rosacea Prone Skin:

Calming Face Wash & Eye Make-Up Remover 200ml | Skin prone to Rosacea

A cellulose gel wash. Free from harsh, skin-stripping synthetics, this wash cleanses the pores and firms skin without leaving it tight and dry. Enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory essential oils, this facial wash calms redness and soothes irritation.

CHF 19.00
CHF 19.00
Calming Facial Oil 50ml | for skin prone to Rosacea

A light and easily absorbed Facial Oil that soothes redness and calms irritation and inflammation, improvements can be seen immediately.

This facial oil is a must for fast calming results against rosacea.

CHF 29.00
CHF 29.00

Also available in a full sized value pack:

In the pack, 3 full sized products:

   Face wash 200 ml,

   Moisturising cream 50 ml,

   Facial oil 50ml

TS151 (TS015/TS018/TS130)

Sale Off
Calming Facial Skincare Kit | for skin prone to Rosacea

Our best-selling routine for skin prone to Rosacea. These products give your skin the right natural components to reduce redness and sensitivity without petro-chemical emollients.

These natural & organic ingredients soothe the skin at a therapeutic level with anti-bacterial, antiseptic and hydrating properties. They work at keeping the skin supple and nourished.

Our Calming Face Wash is extremely gentle yet effective, enriched with vitamins and minerals to effectively remove makeup, dirt and impurities without irritating, stripping or leaving delicate complexions feeling vulnerable

This Calming Moisturiser sinks into the skin instantly without leaving a greasy film. It’s rich in antioxidants, protein, and vitamins to cool, soothe and nourish the skin.

Calming Facial Oil is a soothing oil, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and proteins to provide superior protection from free radical damage, whilst reducing redness.

  • Full Kit for Rosacea prone skin

  • Effective & Instantly Calming

  • Face wash

  • Moisturiser

  • Facial oil

  • Well researched botanical skin-soothing ingredients

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • 100% Natural absolutely no steroids

  • Bonus anti-ageing; as antioxidants within stop the main source of skin cell ageing 
  • Fast and Free shipping (all UK orders over £50)

CHF 61.00

Alternatively, if your skin is worrying you and want to talk about it first, please get in touch. 

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