Do you want to earn extra money? We have an Affiliate scheme

Become a Natural Elements Affiliate

Do you love natural skincare and want to earn some extra cash?  Become a Natural Elements Affiliate selling our products to your family and friends and start straight away at 20% commission on every product you sell. 

Why Natural Elements?

There’s a growing demand for natural and organic skincare products, it’s the fastest growing skincare sector in the UK. Developed by Dermatologists, in conjunction with the University of Birmingham, Natural Elements uses only the finest ingredients, extracts and oils to create the best possible products that actually work!

We have effective products suitable for all skin types and all skincare concerns

The formulations are founded in science to deliver the best skincare products possible

All products are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans and contain no parabens or synthetic chemicals

Once people try our products they are so impressed with the results they come back again and again

We have an extensive range of face, body and wellness products

The market for these products is huge, we are a small company and can’t reach everyone who would benefit from our products so we are happy to have you on board!


How it works:

It's completely free to join Natural Elements as an affiliate, we don't expect you to buy a starter kit or make you purchase a certain amount each month. There are no upfront or hidden extra  costs.

You can choose how you want to sell the products, to family and friends, on your social media platforms, at locals fairs or markets or through parties or local salons.


We support you with:

Free marketing materials - leaflets about the products and the product ranges

Free samples

Personal advice from our Skincare experts / founders

Regular emails containing news, new product launches, industry news and updates

Your sales are tracked by your own dashboard

A private Facebook Group for affiliates with tips, advice, information downloads and news to help you connect with other affiliates


How to apply:

Click here to start your affiliate application

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