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Rosacea - Our Therapeutic Range

Rosacea affects millions in the UK with cases growing at huge amounts. NATURAL ELEMENTS THERAPEUTIC SKIN CARE can help!

This year evidence was put before the American Dermatology Society which showed natural ingredients work at least 38% better than synthetic ingredients in skincare.  But, what kind of natural ingredients are they talking about? well, they are called ‘therapeutic grade’ ingredients and they are the best type of active natural ingredients because they retain all the really good nutritional benefits from its origin. We've been producing the therapeutics range since 2003 to give your body the right natural components for hydration in a selection of fast absorbing, non-greasy feeling products, leaving you the choice to limit using prescribed drugs and harsher petrochemical emollients.

Extensively researched in sourcing plant ingredients that have real soothing & calming natural benefits and the right nutritional components to aide in uplifting skin cells. We don’t use any ingredients that will cause any further damage like alcohols, steroids or petrol-chemicals. Avoiding such ingredients is an essential part of what should be your regime to reduce redness and skin irritation. We also use naturally medicinal essential oils and therapeutic graded vital oils in our products that are selected to be suitable for people with rosacea.

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