Detoxing DUO Kit | 50ml | For Oily & Acne prone skin

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    NES004AA (NES024/NES012)

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    Clear, brighten & moisturise your complexion with this Detoxing facial Kit. The Facial Oil and Cream combination are designed to deliver your skin with maximum nutritional, restorative and anti-ageing benefits, whilst addressing individual skin concerns to provide the ultimate in skin comfort and long-lasting hydration.

    Detoxing Facial Oil Easily absorbed to calm skin & clears congestion. The Detoxing Facial oil is ideal for oilier skin and hormonal breakouts. This expert formulation restores equilibrium to out-of-balance or congested skin by supporting and balancing overactive sebaceous oil production, without blocking pores

    Detoxing Facial Moisturiser Designed for oily skin types and those prone to breakouts and acne. A light and easily absorbed moisturiser restores the skin balance and regulates sebum production, addressing oiliness whilst calming inflammation and breakouts. Leaves the skin matt.