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How To Reverse Signs Of Neck Ageing

How To Reverse Signs Of Neck Ageing

Whilst many people invest time and energy on facial skincare, necks can often be overlooked and many of our customers ask us for advice on products on how to combat a crepey or lined neck or décolletage. When skin around the jaw, neck and decolletage loses elastin and collagen, the skin can appear thinner, looser and sun damage can become more apparent.

But how to address it?

Add hydration:

Loose, crepey skin combined with dehydration can make the skin look worse so up hydration levels with ‘wet’ oils that hydrate deep inside the skin such as Hydrating Facial OIl. This will attract and add more moisture to the skin, plumping out out and creating  dewy texture

Stimulate Collagen Production:

Unlike creams and serums, oils have a small enough molecule size to penetrate deep into the skin levels where collagen and elastin (the scaffolding of the skin) are formed. Our Immortal Facial Oil is our most advanced Oil, made from the best possible grade of exotic plant vital oils including Vetiver, Moringa, Watermelon Seed, Kuki and Argan. It works deep inside the skin to stimulate Collagen and Elastin production to reinforce the support of the skin, lifting and smoothing skin texture

Boost Antioxidants:

 Everyone knows you should eat lots of antioxidants but they also provide superior UV protection and protection from free radical damage when applied to the skin. Recovery Facial Oil packs an antioxidant punch and is deeply supporting for older, menopausal skin types

Banish Sun Damage

The neck and décolletage often show sun damage, discolouration or sun spots. Revital Facial Oil not only stimulates the skin and collagen production but also fades darker patches, resulting in a more even skin tone. Tightening Skin Serum (sadly currently sold out) also creates a visible lift to the skin.

Don’t neglect the neck when you cleanse!

Often people forget the neck in their skincare routine and one of the most important steps is to make sure your cleanse thoroughly to remove the dirt, grime, dead skin cells, creating a canvas for the potent oils to sink into. If you suffer from dehydrated skin, our Rehydrating Facial Wash cleans thoroughly but gently, removing all grime and dirt without damaging the skin barrier. All our Facial Washes contain cellulose gel which also has a tightening effect of the skin. Cellulose is the substance that holds up plants so imagine what it can do for you! 

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