Rosacea Q&A

Rosacea Q&A

I'm using products that are for sensitive skin, why am I still having rosacea symptoms?

Currently, GPs and Dermatologists are misdiagnosing rosacea. In many cases the issue is not ‘true’ rosacea but actually is allergy or reactions to multi chemical sensitivity (MCS). This results in the wrong products being prescribed or ignores that the reaction could be to one of the  84,000 synthetic chemicals humans are exposed to in their daily lives - the worse being household products, make-up, sunscreens and skincare products including shampoos and shower gels which are made from or use synthetic or petrol chemicals in thier formulations.

 Sensitive skin products have always been an issue, what is a sensitive skin product something which should not cause a reaction but so many products simply take out 1% of something like a synthetic perfume but leave in the harsh chemicals which can be the 99% of the rest of the product.      

What can be triggers for Rosacea?

Besides the chemicals in skin products, medication can often have a side effect on people, so it is essential you don’t compound this by using products that make it worse. Other things you use in your house for example even a scented candle can be a huge irritant. 

People also report that certain foods can have an effect but this is more likely due to the fact the skin is irritated in the first place. Of course, it’s predicted that the covid vaccine will cause more skin irritations in the future as your immune system is overactive. Other triggers can include:  


certain foods /beverages

environmental factors

Some medications

physical exertion

skincare products 

Household products 

The differences between rosacea and sensitive skin - what do I have? 

There is no way to look at someone and see if it's rosacea or extra sensitive skin. That’s why doctors are almost completely unable to help. Their favoured route is antibiotics which never really do anything. What you have to do is try out products that 1, don’t irritate and 2, help the skin recover and protect. This is the reason why in every Rosacea sample kit we include a set of our range of products for sensitive/allergenic skin so you can test to see which your skin reacts more favourably to. 

What are the best ingredients in skincare for rosacea?

There is no one ingredient that will be perfect because you can be dealing with allergy and product chemical irritation or a breakdown in skin cells. We do however find that the anti-inflammatory properties of many essential oils can make a big impact in true rosacea but work against us if its allergy/ extra sensitive skin - in this case then you are better with ‘vital’ oils   

Properties of Essential and Vital Oils:

Cellulose Gel - Firms and increases moisture levels in the skin 

Aloe Leaf Extract - Skin-soothing, reduces redness    

Orange - Anti-inflammatory, evens skin tone, firms and softens skin 

Geranium -  Anti-inflammatory, Anti-redness, skin protecting, firms and tones the skin

Avocado - anti-inflammatory, rich in omegas

Peach - Anti-inflammatory, evens skin tone, firms and softens skin 

What skincare routine should I follow to manage my rosacea?

The routine we advise is a simple three-step routine. Our facial washes gently cleanse without irritation or compromising the skin’s natural barrier. Then our facial oils penetrate deep into the skin to address the root cause of the issues and then our facial creams seal in the oil and provide a base for any make-up you want to use. Some other recommendations from us are to always avoid sunscreens and harsh chemical products made from petrochemicals. Use naturals but not strong overloaded naturals and lastly, get a natural barrier before applying to makeup, i.e use one of our oils and moisturisers as a barrier. Finally, we also advise you to watch out for medical products which can be  full of chemicals that can make the issues worse.  Always give your skin a breather from make-up give it a chance to breathe and get some sun without an spf.  The reason we look healthy with a suntan is because we are healthier. Think about what would a garden be like if you had only winter all the time, dead no life to it sunlight generates life and wellness - in moderation, of course, no roasting yourself!    


My favourite skincare Instagrammer says that essential oils are terrible for rosacea but you use essential oils in your products, why is this? 

Your favourite skincare guru is talking rubbish! This is absolute nonsense. Essential oils if used correctly and at the right unadulterated therapeutic grade are outstanding in helping skin issues, thankfully there are an increasing number of non-biased studies which is starting to prove this. However, if you have extra sensitive skin /allergies then yes you have to be careful, in this case, simply use vital oils instead 

Won’t prescription products work better than naturals on rosacea? 

Morden medicine has been too heavy relied upon, especially when what is needed is a natural chemical reaction. Synthetic chemicals have little or no impact on cells because they are not food for cells. Things like fatty acids are plant healing compounds, then you have amino acids to rebuild and of course, all the great vitamins and omegas which are in plant extracts and compounds… all of these give cells health and vitality

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