Don't Believe The Hype!

Don't Believe The Hype!

For decades people like yourself are duped by the latest trend or fashionable image, creating a yearly cycle of buzz and hype over a marketing pinned ingredient that has been created by a fancy advertising agency in caramel latte filled swanky offices. 

instead of treating skin care development with your health and wellbeing in mind, the corporation brand owners think of quick fixes to stimulate your desire to buy overnight beauty results, focusing on Petro-chemicals to quickly burn off skin layers so you feel instantly rewarded for spending £40 on a pile of naff (but it did have a lovely label though, didn't it!).

These companies don't mind altering your molecule structure with a concoction of patented synthetic ingredients they have jumbled together from a brief by a 26 year old brand manager, which exposes the biggest group of cells in your skin to hormone imbalances, long term dryness, redness, premature ageing or possibly cancer.

what often amazes us with these brand giants is the snobby 'we know more than you, we know it all' attitude towards those who have been studying this for 20 or 30 years. When in reality they really don’t and have spent the last 18 months deciding on which old marketing spin to rehash to the public "hmm, lets remain some acid peel idea we had 5 years ago and call it HYDRATING! the public won't know the difference".

Just like most of todays politicians, beauty brands are great at misleading you into buying a must have... even when it goes against your common sense! Because they prey on your vulnerabilities and convince you that new beautiful packaging has something extra special inside.

Oh, they are also very cute about being all natural as well, when really that £300 organic moisturiser has less than 2% natural ingredients and the rest is cheap waxes and mostly water! (if you count up the ingredients and packaging like we have, the whole thing only costs £1.29 to produce and funnily enough has the same base ingredients as low-end drug store brand).

listen, you don't have to buy from us but we know what we're talking about and truly believe in what we do. Click the below picture to take our dermatology created quiz to find out what will be perfect for you:


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