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Hyaluronic Acid -  Separating Fact from Fiction

Hyaluronic Acid - Separating Fact from Fiction

 The theory with hyaluronic products is that the molecules will absorb and draw moisture from the air, increasing the hydration level of your skin. However, it doesn’t work very well. The product can’t tell where it’s absorbing the moisture from so it can actually absorb water from the deepest levels of the skin, meaning your skin can quickly become very dehydrated, dry and uncomfortable - the opposite of what you want to happen, so don't use it if you have dehydrated skin because it will make it worse. 

 AND  Hyaluronic Acid is also currently being investigated as has a potential to be prognostic biomarker in breast cancer patients, especially location in stroma and plasma.

So What Are You To Do? just take any of our facial oils and apply them on wet skin, then trap the oils and water into the skin with our natural moisturising creams and within 24 hrs you will see a amazing here for the facial oils and look out for our new booster oil especially made for dry skin 

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