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Dry Skin

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry Skin Patches?

Understanding the Root Cause:

Are you struggling with dry skin on your face, or perhaps noticing dry skin patches elsewhere on your body? The culprit is often a compromised hydrolipid film – your skin's natural defense shield. This vital barrier keeps external aggressors at bay while locking in moisture, essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Factors Leading to Dry Skin

Many everyday products and environmental factors can strip away this protective layer. Common culprits include synthetic chemicals found in shower gels and shampoos, petrochemicals in skincare products, and even the chemicals present in tap water.

These elements can lead to various issues, such as a dry skin rash, dry skin around the eyes, or dry skin around the mouth.

To combat these challenges, it's crucial to use a dry skin lotion specifically formulated to replenish and protect your skin's hydrolipid film. For those experiencing dry skin on the eyelid or other sensitive areas, choosing a gentle, hypoallergenic product is key.

Understanding and addressing the root cause of dry skin, by avoiding harsh chemicals and using the right skincare products, can help restore your skin's natural balance and health.

Facial Oils For Dry Skin

Luxury Facial Oil 50ml | For fine lines and wrinkles

Our Luxury Facial Oil helps to repair and strengthen weakened tissue. The light texture supports the epidermis, providing a protective film and the high-quality ingredients help to trigger fibroblasts to produce collagen and support important connective tissues.

Radiance Facial Oil 50ml | Previously Know As Uplifting Facial Oil  | Vitamin C and Free Radical Protection

Our Uplifiting Facial Oil is a rich nourishing oil that fortifies and deeply moisturises the skin improving elasticity and skin tone. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids this oil leaves the skin noticeable plumped and firmed. 

Skincare Booster Oil 10ml | Super charges your skincare routine

This brand new Skin Booster oil is a great new addition to our product ranges, it's designed to boost the performance of our products with concentrated, high-performance botanicals. Suitable for all skin types, Works on dark circles around eyes, inhibits collagen breakdown, scars and red veins while reducing pigmentation. 

Moisturisers For Dry Skin

Cleansing For Dry Skin