Body Oils

Experience the pinnacle of nourishment with our premium body oils. 

Crafted from organic essential and vital oils, our formula offers unparalleled hydration when applied to damp skin post-shower or during a luxurious bath. 

But the benefits don't end with moisture. 

Our therapeutic-grade oils are a treasure trove of minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty and amino acids, all dedicated to fortifying your skin against dryness and cellulite. 

Unlike the paraffin-based oils of our competitors, which are derived from petrol and offer no skin benefits, our oils ensure deep absorption of these potent natural ingredients. 

Witness a remarkable transformation as your skin's elastin, fibers, and collagen are rejuvenated, delivering genuine improvements in elasticity and reducing irritation. 

Choose our body oils for a truly authentic skincare experience.


Here is our range of Body Oils:

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Tranquility Body Oil 200ml
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Relaxing Body Oil 200ml
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Active Rescue | Body & Healing Oil | 200ml
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Natural Holiday Companion Kit | 200ml

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