Recovery Plus Skincare Kit | Dry Skin | Menopausal Skin

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    NES429 (NSP1/NES015/NES012/NES025)

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    Our kit for Dry/Menopausal skin contains:

    Rehydrating Face Wash to clean skin 

    A light, easy to use, hydrating cellulose gel wash.  This anti-ageing facial wash cleanses the pores, removes make-up and firms skin without leaving it tight and dry. Enriched with potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory oils, this wash leaves the skin hydrated, soft and firm to touch.


    Cleans the skin thoroughly but gently 


    Antioxidant Protection

    Skin Firming

    Blending moisturiser to use on top of the oil / or mix with it 

    Designed for use after our Facial Oils to lock in the benefits, create a protective antioxidant layer on the skin and create a matt, smooth finish, ideal as a primer for makeup. Essential Fatty Acids support, protect and repair the skin barrier and hydrolipid film. 

    Recovery Facial oil for dry skin

    We expertly blend ‘wet’ and botanical oils which work at a microcellular level to help support the skin’s lipid levels, retain the correct level of fatty acids, and stimulate water-holding properties within the stratum corneum. These actions deeply hydrate and fortify the skin, giving relief to dry, tight and sore skin and improving skin elasticity and tone. 

    • Hydrates dry skin
    • Anti-ageing benefits
    • Addresses menopausal skin concerns