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We live in a world where sensitive skin is becoming the norm, not the exception, A staggering 71%* of adults now face this challenge, a clear sign that our skin is crying out for a change.

The increasing prevalence of the question, "Why has my skin become so sensitive suddenly?" can be attributed to various factors. While hectic lifestyles and environmental stressors, especially in urban areas, are significant, they are not the primary cause... So how does our skin become sensitive?

But regardless of the environmental conditions we live in we have products that are packed with goodness.

Our products are designed for instant calming and we have sample sizes and a range for ultra sensitive and allergy prone skin

*A recent report by Aveeno, titled "The State of Skin Sensitivity," highlights a startling reality: 71% of adults now identify as having sensitive skin.

A 55% increase over the past two decades.

Get 100% Natural Allergy Kit Samples:

In the pack there are 3 samples.

For allergy prone sensitive skin: 

   Sensitive Face Wash, 

   Sensitive Moisturiser & 

   Sensitive Facial oil.

TS152/S (TS4/TS3/TS11)

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Sample Kit ~ Hypoallergenic for Allergies & Sensitive Skin (TS152/S)

Our Face Wash for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies which gently removes dirt, oil, environmental pollutants, and harmful bacteria from the skin without disrupting or removing the beneficial lipids, proteins, and normal flora that contribute to the integrity, function, and health of the skin. 

Light in texture but intensely hydrating, our Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies sinks into the skin instantly without leaving a greasy film. It’s packed with antioxidants, a blend of botanicals and a moisturising base specially chosen to replenish, calm and condition sensitive skin. 

Illuminate a lacklustre complexion with this Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin prone to Allergies. It's a replenishing skincare solution that works to soothe, hydrate and re-balance, whilst gently addressing the individual needs of your complexion.

Please note that we can only ship samples to the UK and the USA

  • Samples for allergy prone sensitive skin

  • Effective & Instantly Calming

  • Face wash

  • Moisturiser

  • Facial oil

  • Soothes skin with well researched botanical ingredients

  • anti-bacterial and hydrating

  • 100% Natural absolutely no steroids

  • Bonus anti-ageing; as antioxidants within stop the main source of skin cell ageing 
  • Fast, low cost shipping


What causes skin sensitivity?

key issue is Multi-Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) aggravated by the widespread use of synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals and it's environmental impact. 


The sheer volume of personal care products like shampoos, shower gels, lotions, and creams, laden with hormone-disrupting and cell-altering chemicals, is at an all-time high.

These chemicals can initiate or worsen sensitive skin symptoms like dryness, redness, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, or sudden skin sensitivity characterized by itchy, flaking skin. These substances can penetrate the skin, disrupting hormones and causing cellular decay. 

They eventually enter our water supply, leading to chemically contaminated water that adversely affects our skin's pH balance, further exacerbating skin dryness and sensitivity.

So many people want to get rid of sensitive skin

We are often asked:

"how to get rid of sensitive skin" 

and ...

"which facial products are best for sensitive skin" 

Our products are rich in natural extracts and oils, vital vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids—essential for revitalizing skin cells and restoring collagen fibers and elastin. Significantly, we avoid the use of synthetic and petrochemical ingredients common in many other products, so our products are great for people like you, who want to get rid of sensitive skin.

Our selection includes UVA neutralizers, key in preventing skin cancer and early aging, especially vital for those with ultra-sensitive skin prone to environmental threats or harsh sunscreen chemicals.

Our sensitive skin product range features:

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Here is our range for ultrasensitive skin

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