Flash Sale Refreshing Shampoo & Body Wash | Grapefruit & Orange

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    A  super refreshing blend of Real fruits full of vitamin C { grapefruit/orange } to refresh and awaken the mind.... great for hair & scalp and reducing cellulose 

    IT's Environmental Friendly 

     You’re supporting the environment & ocean eco-system by use this product...  by not using a petrochemical/ synthetic formulation shower gel that contributes to pollution levels in our water system.

    Every day, tens of millions of people will be washing their dishes, clothes and bodies with products that contain harsh chemicals. You simply wash all this product off and away it goes down the drain, no longer your problem It has to go somewhere, and it will eventually find its way into the ocean. Whilst it does go through a purification process, this process is not coping, and the ocean is becoming polluted because of this. our products simply go back into the cycle of nature. 

    Contains: Aloe Vera