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    Lesley - verified buyer


"I have been using Immortal Oil for two years now. My skin feels amazing and I look 15 years younger than my age. I recently added Tightening Face Serum to my regime and I can really feel that working. I wouldn’t be without either Product. John and Karen give amazing advice, they feel like friends. Don't ever stop what you're doing".

    Vicky - verified buyer

What a difference 

"What a difference this has made to my skin. Previously blotchy and quite uneven in texture, my skin now looks & feels smooth."

    Snookie- verified buyer

Game changer

"I have had rosacea my whole life and recently it had flared up so bad I decided I needed to do something about it. I ordered to sample kit and got the rosacea and the hypoallergenic ones and tried them both. I saw almost immediate results with the hypoallergenic one using the facewash and the moisturiser - as in I put it on at night and the next morning all the lumps on my face had disappeared and the skin was soft.

I have bought full sized bottles now and after only a week my skin is so much better that I will go outside without makeup, which I wouldn't do before. 

It is expensive, but nothing else worked. A little goes a long way and it's a lovely texture and feels good on the skin. Recommend this 100%. If you are unsure, give the samples a go"

    Sally - verified buyer

No more rosacea redness!

"Amazing results seen in just two days, after 40 years of suffering - Thank you"

Restoration Serum

    Alison - verified buyer

“My daughter was really suffering with eczema around her eyes and with withdrawal symptoms from a topical steroid.

It was her 18th birthday on Sunday - She started using the serum the day it arrived, which was Thursday. By Friday, she felt able to go out and celebrate with her friends. 

On Sunday, she hugged me and thanked me for finding your miracle serum - It might be what she had wished for more than anything.

Thank you. We are beyond grateful.”