Daily Routine Great Value Kits


Our award-winning natural products is all you need for a Complete Daily Skincare Routine Kits.

They are the ideal way to upgrade to a 100% natural routine and many include*

  • face wash

  • face oil

  • moisturiser

  • Konjac exfoliating sponge

 * For full details on the contents of each kit, please click on the picture 

Collagen regeneration

Collagen regeneration is done by Recovery, Immortal, and the Revital oil. The Immortal is our stand-out product, but the others are a close second. The Revital does do sun damage repair (pigmentation) as well.


For freshness use the Holistic oil for fine lines, or the Luxury Oil. Also consider the Radiance Oil which, in addition, has good UVA protection.


For hydration, whilst they all do this, we do have a special Hydrating Oil.

  • Top Tip

    Apply any face oil on wet skin a few times a week to trap in water molecules which lifts hydration enormously.

    Also, mix the face wash with a tiny amount of face oil plus warm water to clean the skin. This restores the skin's pH perfectly as water alone can be very drying. 


The Konjac exfoliating sponge is an incredible product for exfoliating. Use it on it's own or in a shower just once a week.

To see its effectiveness, wet it and use when soft on one side of your forehead and use your finger tips to compare the two sides.

Our Great Value Kits:

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