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"Our success rate helping Rosacea is around 90%. The NHS remedies are reported to be less than 3%"

This Natural Elements Range is driven by years of research for people prone to rosacea. We only use natural plant extracts that will not cause irritation and are anti-inflammatory. Our products are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, steroid-free, and free of synthetic preservatives or perfumes. They are fully dermatologically tested and made in the UK with all natural ingredients. 

Our scientifically developed formulations are designed to soothe, calm, and nurture the skin like no other. If you have Rosacea, redness, or acne-related Rosacea, this is the most effective range of skincare you can use to address redness and irritation. 

Calming Range For Rosacea

Calming Face Wash 200ml | Skin prone to Rosacea

Extremely sensitised skin can often present as rosacea, this sample kit will give you six samples, a full set of both our Rosacea range and our Sensitive range for you to try to see which works for you: two face washes, two facial oils and moisterisers.

Calming Facial Oil 50ml | for skin prone to Rosacea

A light and easily absorbed Facial Oil that soothes the skin  , skin improvements are usually seen almost immediately. Rich in powerful antioxidants, the face oil is a must for people prone to rosacea.

Calming Moisturiser 50ml | for skin prone to Rosacea

A light, non-greasy cream that soothes and does not cause  irritation or inflammation, skin improvements are usually seen almost immediately. Use after applying the calming face oil for faster results!

The Calming Kit

We advise is a simple three-step routine. Our facial washes gently cleanse without causing irritation or compromising the skin’s natural barrier. 

Then our facial oils penetrate deep into the skin to address the root cause of issues, and then our facial creams seal in the oil and provide a base for any makeup you want to use. Some other recommendations from us are to always avoid sunscreens and harsh chemical products made from petrochemicals. Use naturals but not strong, overloaded naturals, and lastly, get a natural barrier before applying your makeup. Our calming moisturiser is a perfect barrier for this.

Always give your skin a breather from makeup to give it a chance to breathe. Also, get some sun without an spf. The reason we look healthy with a suntan is because we are healthier, and important nutrition for skin cells is vitamin D.


Sample Kit ~ Prone to Rosacea

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If you are new to Natural Elements and would like to try these all-natural, results-driven products, we offer a hand-picked trial pack. Please note we can only ship samples to the UK post code so IOM, N.I., Guernsey, Jersey etc are fine Now when you get your samples there will also be a full set free of our allergy extra sensitive range try the two sets on different sides of the face, we find in about 50% of cases the allergy extra sensitive work better (as you have very sensitive skin which looks like rosacea)