BBC Investigation Into Beauty Brands, What it Means For You

BBC Investigation Into Beauty Brands, What it Means For You

A recent investigation by the BBC has found that major premium beauty brands are selling makeup that contains ‘forever chemicals. The pollutants known as PFAS have been linked to some incredibly serious health concerns, including cancer, birth defects, and thyroid issues. 

PFAS, which stands for poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, are resistant to oil and water, making them highly valuable to the make-up industry. These are legal in the UK, but there is a proposal for five EU countries to ban them. 

The investigation into the UK cosmetics market identified dozens of high street products being sold in the UK that still contain these toxic chemicals, including sunscreens, eye make-up, and lipsticks. These findings are alarming, to say the least.

So, can you find makeup without all of them? We looked at creating a range of colour cosmetics and searched for a year for safe, natural ingredients, but the chemicals in all of them are nearly identical.

There is a way to mitigate the damage to your skin when using these coloured cosmetics. When you use our facial oil and cream combination, you are creating a barrier to these chemicals on your skin, which can stop them from being absorbed.

We have many successful make-up artists who are big fans of our products, and they discovered that mixing our Facial Washes with a drops of our Facial Oil and warm water in your hand not only allowed them to remove the heaviest of stage makeup, but also regulated the ph. of the water, which can be very drying to the skin, helping the skin to return to a natural 4-5 ph. straight away while effectively removing all the chemicals and make-up to let the skin breathe and repair.

An Extra Tip for Winter:

The combination of bitter cold outside and a very warm environment inside can be very damaging to the skin, leaving it dry, sensitised and irritated. To combat this, apply a generous amount of one of our Body Lotions as a moisturiser, especially if you or a loved one will be outside, as this provides a thicker, superior 100% natural wax protection from the elements.

The Lotion is also gentle enough to be used on the eyelids to great effect if you have skin flaking, cracking, or blepharitis.

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