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Skin Care for People Prone to Eczema & Psoriasis

Everyone is led to believe that when they have a skin problem it's their body going wrong and that's even doctors and dermatologists say that.. Absolute nonsense...

Well let's hear it from the science world it's NOT YOU ITS WHAT YOU ARE USING ON YOUR SKIN even water has so many chemicals in it now that the drying effect and altering of the skin PH is occurring .

So stop thinking that there's little that can be done because the doctor's products hardly work and that's mostly because they are full of the very chemicals which are causing skin problems it the first place> petro -chemicals ie made from petrol, synthetic chemicals even things like bleach and antifreeze used in cars are in them and that's before you get to the steroids which make the skin thin for peoples later on.

 If the medical world is so good at this then why are even more and more people having skin problems and allergies?

We as scientists will tell you why IT'S THE MAN MADE CHEMICALS IN EVERYTHING 

There are lots of things you can do 

First, stop using all the chemical products that dry the skin out and cause cell irritation and  NEVER EVER WORK and you know that because you are using them 

Get in contact with me at or even 01299 253994 during office hrs 

and I will show you what to do even send you samples to try  

You can be assured that our 100% natural products are the safest alternative to steroid emollients and Petrochemicals. This new leap in molecular discoveries is that plant extracts are 3x more effective than medical products and that was shown to the board of dermatologists but they still pump out huge amounts of synthetic chemicals. 

When the skin absorbs these natural ingredients over extended usage, the results give incredible rejuvenation to the skin's elastin, fibres and collagen production - resulting in repaired skin elasticity & irritation.

trust us we being in the science world for over 25 yrs and dermatology research and our products work 

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