Hand Care

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our botanical body products—your trusted steroid-free and petrochemical-free choice. 

Our innovative fusion of rare vital oils and plant extracts represents a groundbreaking stride in molecular innovation. This has enabled us to pioneer treatments that actively repair skin cell damage with the pure power of 100% botanical oils.

With prolonged, consistent use, your skin will drink in these organic elements, leading to a remarkable revival of its elastin, fibers, and collagen. 

This natural boost is the secret behind the tangible improvements you’ll see and feel—a triumph over skin elasticity loss and irritation. 

Embrace the transformative effects and revel in the confidence of genuine, visible results.



Here is our Hand Care range:

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Active Rescue | Body Cream  | 200ml
304 kr
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Hand Wash And Hand Cream Duo Saver Pack
293 kr

Alternatively, if your skin is worrying you and want to talk about it first, please get in touch. 

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