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Hyaluronic Acid -  Separating Fact from Fiction

Hyaluronic Acid - Separating Fact from Fiction

 The theory with hyaluronic products is that the molecules will absorb and draw moisture from the air, increasing the hydration level of your skin. However, in practice, it really doesn’t work like that.

The product can’t tell where it’s absorbing the moisture from so it can actually absorb water from the deepest levels of the skin, meaning your skin can quickly become very dehydrated, dry and uncomfortable - the opposite of what you want to happen, our comment being don’t use it if you have dehydrated skin but then what’s the point of it ???

 More concerning is Hyaluronic Acid is also currently being investigated as has a potential to be prognostic biomarker in breast cancer patients, especially location in stroma and plasma.

So when people ask us if we make a Hyaluronic product, the answer is an emphatic NO! because as scientists in dermatology we know better. 

"People suffer from dehydrated skin all the time but we suggest addressing this  with Natural Vital Oils applied on wet skin. This is phenomenal at reversing dry skin and if we get the right vital oils for you they will also reverse premature ageing. That changes everything!" says John Hamilton, Co-founder of Natural Elements & specialist in dermatology.  


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