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Natural Elements Co-Founder & Cell Scientist Expert Biogerontolgist-John Hamilton believes that the increase in pigmentation and hormonal pigmentation is down to sun damage, often caused by over-reliance on ineffective spf's/sun blocks and the effects on hormones caused by many ingredients in mainstream, artificial-chemical laden skincare like AHA's Peels and Retinol products. 

What is Pigmentation? 

Pigmentation is a common but confidence sapping condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour than the surrounding skin. These dark patches occur when an excess of melanin forms deposits in the skin. 

‘Not only is hyperpigmentation unsightly’, says John, 'but the damage also causes the fibres and structure of the skin to break down leading to skin sagging, loss of skin tone and textural inconsistencies, it not only makes you look older than you are but it also causes long term damage deep in the skin’s surface’. 

How to Cure Pigmentation

Many beauty salons will offer deep skin peels or laser treatments as a way of addressing the appearance of Melasma and pigmentation. We strongly advise against this as it leaves the skin vulnerable to more damage, it weakens the skin and can often trigger the melanocytes to produce even melanin more leaving you in the long term with a much more serious issue.

We recommend a triple approach to the treatment of Melasma. First we advise sun safety, without the use of harmful chemicals which are in mainstream sunscreens  

Secondly, a skincare routine that is rich in natural antioxidants will help fight free radicals, prevent oxidative stress (which is a contributing factor to the production of tyrosinase) and reverse cell damage at a cellular level.  All of our products use only the highest grade Natural oils to ensure that our products are as rich in antioxidants as possible. 

Thirdly, we are getting multiple people feedback to us that our Recovery Oil for Dry and Mature skin is reducing their pigmentation. This oil is one of our potent mixes of natural antioxidants and as you can see from our client's photo, it’s really making a difference to dark patches. All whilst being scientifically proven to support and protect the skin rather than causing additional damage through deep exfoliation and laser treatments.

If you want to try a sample of these oils  Send Co-founder John an email  with your name, address, age, skin type, any issues and what products you are currently and ideally a photo or call us on 01299 253994