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Are you suffering from the brown spots on your face ( pigmentation) getting worse yet you used a sunscreens...well here's the shock spf's don't stop them.

And many chemicals in skincare products actually make them worse and chances are your are using such skincare

What cause them?  

They are mostly caused by the ageing process and nothing at all in creams, gels and serums can reverse them or stop them getting worse but certain natural oils can gradually fade them  .So don't waste your money and time with creams they don't work need certain natural oils.

That’s why karen here who is 64 does not have them.. she uses natural oils and has done so most of her life 

The interesting thing is you also get the very best anti-ageing from certain natural oils so using them gives you double benefits  

So what oils are we taking about? While all our oils will prevent them this one seems to work the best at fading them and of course address  dry or matuer skin, and intensive anti-ageing …it’s the one karen uses

>click on link > Recovery Oil for Dry and Mature skin is reducing their pigmentation. 

If you would like to try these all natural, results-driven products, we offer a trial pack consisting of 5 free* samples chosen for your skin type by our Dermatology and Anti-aging expert founder John. The sample pack is worth £15 will include 2 facial oils, a sample of face wash, moisturiser and either a night cream or eye cream. *All we ask is that you cover the £2.99 postage charge.  T&Cs apply. Simply click here to fill in the sample form