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Sensitive Skin and allergies

So you have sensitive skin and of course you have tried many products for sensitive skin...OR HAVE YOU ?

You see 99% of all skincare/personal care products are made from harsh, often petrol and synthetic chemicals even if it says sensitive on the label ..its all a bit of a con  and that's why you can't find things that work.

So how are we different?....  well for one thing we don't use any synthetic/harsh/ or petrol chemicals we don't use perfumes or colours or indeed any allergy ingredients at all that's why nearly everyone finds our extra sensitive range to be perfect for them and interesting its still  super anti-ageing  so its a win win .

But of course you have tried many which say there for sensitive and have not work 

so lets send you some for free to try... so get in touch with me on or call 01299 253994 

to get them to you... name address please when e mailing. { john has 22 years in dermatology and has help tens of thousands of people with there skin get in touch 

[We work with Birmingham  University to understand what can impact the skin in the natural world, at a molecular level relating to human cells - that's why Natural Elements products work so well on your skin]