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Cellulite? Yup, us too!

But don't worry, we have a solution in the form of a Body Wrap Treatment inspired by our development years in the Professional Beauty Industry. Having originally been developed for Spa's, we've made it easy to actively tighten and tone your cellulite areas in the comfort of your own home. Click on the Treatment Pack to find out more!

We’re going to share our Summer Secret with you.
We’ve discovered that our Tightening Face Serum is actually a great lifter for your bottom and bust, or anywhere in need of a little lifting help. We discovered that the Cellulose Gel in the Crown Serum gave skin a lift wherever applied. Cellulose Gel is what is found in plants & trees to keep them upright, so it’s pretty well documented how good it is. Not only that, our Tightening Serum is infused with Poppy Seed Extract. Poppy Seed Extract has recently been part of clinical trials and successfully proven to physically tighten the skin.

Our Co-Founder, John Hamilton has tried the Tightening Serum on the tops of his arms and after a few weeks saw 70% less crepiness and dramatically tighter skin. That is one hell of a bikini body.

FACT: Did you know men very, very rarely get any cellulite at all? Women have an extra layer of fat which it is believed came about as an evolutionary response to help protect the baby and keep it warm.