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Ultra Sensitive Skin

The formulas in this range are design to prevent premature ageing even with sensitive skin! scientifically studied to prevent premature ageing without the concern of a reaction or irritation.

Over the years we have found a major increase in allergies and skin sensitivity issues and strongly believe this is down to synthetic petro-chemicals reacting to organic biology. We believe in the power of a natural solution!

We have designed all our products to be as gentle as possible, so you can feel assured we can keep your skin naturally beautiful. Many people who have red skin are often diagnosed incorrectly as having Rosacea when in fact they have extra sensitive skin Allergy UK call it MCS 'multi chemical sensitivity. Our Sensitive Skin Care Range has been developed with Sensitive Skin in mind.

 If you have sensitive skin that stings easily, or allergies that cause redness and flaking, it’s important to use products containing naturals and allergen free ingredients to help bring your skin back into balance. Sensitivity often follows a reaction to topical application of products. So, if your skin is reacting to pretty much anything you put on it, it’s time to switch to something more gentle.