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Natural Hair Colouring

We don't make them but was impressed by the fact they are natural, use organic oils, with no ammonia or Parabens plus the colours are great! Extensively tested by our co- founder Karen.

Made with Organic Argan and Linseed Oils, enriched with Organic Lemon and Orange Essential Oils. Contains Keratin to nourish and strengthen the hair.

Free from Ammonia and Parabens to reduce the risk of allergies.  

  Can we just say that no hair colourings are without some degree of harsh chemicals they have to be there to work.. it’s a case of using ones which contain the least amount and from what we can see this has very low levels of them compared to many others, in all cases less than 1% of the formulations. also consider that you are applying it to hair which is dead and then it’s a wash off product as well the percentage left is very negligible.

Now we have also looked at the scientific data on much of this and the molecule size of them cannot go through the skin, the data that says many where harmful is when given directly into the body at all very hight levels .