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Red Skin? Blotches? Is it Rosacea or Allergies or even Extra Sensitivity?

I have spent over 20 years in Dermatology and have helped tens of thousands of people with skin problems. Given the opportunity, I can pretty much guarantee I can solve your skin issues quickly.  John Hamilton dermatology scientist in cell mutation decay and ageing { I help more people in a day with skin problems than Doctors in a year who have about a 3% success rate ...I have a 90% success rate }  

Now its imperative you follow my advise below **

Doctors, GP's and even Dermatologist often don't solve the issues in fact in most cases things get worse . What the medical world use is usually synthetic or petrol chemical products... that's like saying eating junk food is healthy. 

The medical world has not realised the power of plant based skincare as yet ....Interestingly it has been clinically proven in the States that plant skin products can be more effective at solving skin issues.

this is a typical comment we get daily this one is from our face book page     Hi I’ve recently purchased from you (oil, facial wash and moisturiser for Rosacea) and I’ve been looking for somewhere to leave a review but I can’t find anywhere on your website. (It’s probably really obvious but I’ve looked a few times and had no luck). 
I just wanted to say thank you, and that my skin was having the worst flare up I’ve ever had. I had the white circles around my eyes look and it had also progressed into some sort of acne too. It was so bad that I wouldn’t even open the door to a delivery man without putting makeup on.
I saw an improvement after only one week when using your products. Since then, my skin has got better and better (and I’ve not even been 100% consistent with putting them on).
Today, I’m totally amazed. My skin has improved so much that I’m starting to think it might actually go altogether. Your products are magic to me, thank you.
If there is a link you can send me please, to leave a review, please do send it. I wish I’d found you sooner and I’d love to let others know that they need you.
(Nothing else has worked in the past, the closest thing to make a different was tea tree oil but even that only took me so far).
Thank you 🙏🏻 Kaley McCullough 


even a sample kit to try first ...90% of people come back to buy full sizes 


When people go to the doctors, chemists etc they are often told its rosacea when its not at all,  its in at least 50% of cases it's extra sensitivity/ allergy reaction or even acne. 

So please go for the sample kit first you will get samples of the products for rosacea skin  ( burgundy top) but also the ones for allergy /extra sensitive  ( grey top) 

you get a face wash, oil and cream ..face wash is mostly used by women for removing make-up but in men makes a natural shaving gel rather than the harsh chemical ones... tip by mixing a little oil with face wash and warm water its make a intensive make up remover or super protect shave gel .

use the rosacea samples on one side of face and the extra sensitive on the other side and see which works best, before buying the full sizes  and always come back to me if none work because you may have a form of acne and yet again need to try a sample of something else ..this is the only way you can really sort this out 

would like to read more or watch a video on how to use click here