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"99% Of People Are Using The Wrong Skin Care Products"

It's a big statement to say you’re getting it wrong, but, as anti-ageing experts with well over 20 years of experience researching the ageing process and how we can slow it down "I have to say most people are badly advised when it comes to skincare" says john hamilton, co-founder of natural elements and an extraordinary 20 years’ experience bio gerontologist …this is the study of ageing cells and how to slow the ageing process. 

There are hundreds of poorly qualified people out there advising you on skincare from journalists to beauty therapists but none have the research I do with universities into cell ageing.

Most mainstream skincare is not stopping the main cause of skin ageing and in many cases are actually speeding it up! Some of the big named brands spend about £0.90 in every £1.00 on marketing rather than the formulation or ingredients, and that’s why they don't work yet people buy them... are they being conned? Absolutely! 

By the time you turn 50, the ageing is really starting to show itself with fine lines, wrinkles, changes in skin texture, skin laxity and sometimes even dryer (or oiler!)  skin. Many people put these changes down to natural ageing menopause and invest in retinols and extensive skincare regimes that are a total waste of money. 

Why do I know more? 

I have spent over twenty years studying skin ageing, I have been working with and following the research of scientists all over the world who are slowing down the ageing process. All their research shows the main source of skin ageing as Free Radicals.

Many products on the market say they have antioxidants in them to stop free radicals BUT  in a cream or serum there's a big problem, they are in such small amounts it's hardly worth applying them. Also, when they are in a cream or a serum, the molecule is so large it only sits on the surface of the skin surface. For the antioxidants to work, they need to get into the deeper layers of the skin - where new cells, fibres, collagen and elastin are formed. 

Why do Natural Elements products work? 

Firstly and most importantly, we use natural plant oils which are highly concentrated forms of antioxidants at an unadulterated grade ( which s even better quality than organic), basically, you would need to apply about 100 bottles of creams or serums to get the intensive antioxidant volume of one application of our oils.

Also, the oil molecules can sink deep into the skin to get to where the new cells, collagen, fibres and elastin are formed - which is where they need to be to stop the damage from not sitting on the surface! 

Oils also contain the key elements needed for skincare essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s which are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. These polyunsaturated fats also help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger-looking.  Last year Birmingham University found them in very high levels in our oils. 

If you want great anti-ageing skincare you need to be using natural botanical derived oils which are of an unadulterated therapeutic grade. 

Nothing else will do and please stop wasting your money on creams or serums which do very little.  so what about trying some and see for yourself just how much more effective we are   click here for a free sample kit we only  charge you the postage