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100% Natural, 100% effective Body Care Products

I find it fascinating how much people take body skincare for granted, covering it in clothes to mask imperfection, covering it daily in harsh mostly synthetic chemicals... Full of skin drying and irritating molecules ..This is your biggest organ in the body.

Then there is the breathing in and absorbing the toxic overload of synthetic perfumes. Did you know that a university report said you are more polluted in the shower than from exhaust fumes from vehicles …just think about that and then be aware of this?

its only takes 30 seconds for many toxic chemicals to go into your body when applied to the skin and many have been found in people blood and urine weeks later. Such chemicals interfere with cells and hormones.     Any wonder why so many are ill all the time and they can’t fine a cure for so many ailments including cancer ...People are in toxic overload and they have not even left the house. 

Yet you could be using products which not only do not use such harsh chemicals but use compounds from plants which enhance your health, which help you win the battle of ageing ailments. 

If you are not using our bodywash and one of our body oils you are missing out on one the greatest health benefits of our time.

john Hamilton anti-ageing longitude of healthy life expert