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Working Alongside University Research

When we started to realise that we were creating products that had more beneficial impacts on the skin than other products on the market we wanted to understand why that was.  We approached universities with the products to find out why this was the case. Even we were shocked by what they found! 

Plant Compounds are being deeply researched as being the new medicine of the world, compounds were even showing signs of preventing ageing related ailments. So, it was no surprise to them that our customers  were experiencing such incredible results with our products.

We then learned something extraordinary from the University academics and that was that size matters!

We knew from our own research that for a compound to work it needs to come in direct contact with what it’s trying to affect or protect. In the case of cells, collagen, fibres and elastins, deep in the skin where the ageing well / anti ageing happens that means the compounds need to get to these cells and the size of the molecule makes the difference between something getting where it needs to be and working or not getting there and not working.

We also learnt that when water is in a product it stops the skin from absorbing the other ingredients deeply no matter what other active ingredients were in the product. We realised that products that are creams gels or serums, they'll only be absorbed at the surface level (which is mostly dead cells) and so not have a role in true anti ageing products. 

This is why we push oils… plant oils…  Plant oils don’t contain water so the molecule breaks down and gets to the collagen, the fibres, the elastins and the new cells, which need the protection from the main source of ageing elements: free radicals,  pollutants and UVA. 

When Birmingham university did an extensive report for us on our oils, we also discovered they contained very high levels of compounds called amino and fatty acids so we know that plant oils are a great source of every benefiting vitamin and many omegas.  So all in all, our natural oils play the most important role of preventing damage and helps recovery from damage already done.

We do have creams in our range, we use them to trap the oils into the skin and give a matt finish to the skin (ideal as a make up base) and to act as a barrier to pollutants, elements and even from the harsh chemicals in make up.

We also learned from the Universities the detail of how individual plant oils benefit the skin -  which are hydrating, anti-ageing, repairing etc. This gave us the biggest shock of all, finding out just how wrong the majority of skincare companies get it in that they are using the wrong oils for certain skin conditions. This is why we offer so many different types of oil and blends. It may seem confusing you you can contact us or fill in our product recommendation quiz  to get personalised advice. We also offer an extensive range of samples or even get a selection of samples hand picked by or science team especially for your skin

We’re here to help you get the right product for your skin needs.