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How to use our skincare products & what anti ageing benefits do they have?

Written by John Hamilton


Posted on 10 February 2021

The loss of a youthful appearance is caused by damage caused to cells, elastin, collagen and fibres. This  damage is caused by free radicals, this damage is also increased and accelerated by pollutants and UVA light, we see anti ageing as preventing this damage occurring.  

It is widely  promoted that  SPFs should be used to stop this damage from UV light but in actual fact there are three types of UV light. The first is UVA which is the major cause of cell damage, skin cancer and ageing. UVA light bypasses SPF but when your cells, collagen and fibres are surrounded by antioxidants, the damage is minimised by these antioxidants.  These antioxidants help protect against all oxidative stresses - even naturally occurring ones. 

What makes a good antioxidant?  

As you will know,  antioxidants are found in plant matter, hence why you are told to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, BUT, these antioxidants are housed in the vital oils of these plants, alongside all the vitamins, omegas and fatty and amino acids. All of the building blocks and antioxidants are in the plant’s oils and these are the oils we extract for our products.    

Extensive research with the University of Birmingham has shown us which of these oils are the most effective at penetrating the skin so they get where they are needed: surrounding the cells, the collagen and the skin fibres. Most skin creams and serums don’t penetrate this deeply, they sit on top of the skin. 

 How to use our products (oils)

 The first thing to remember is to use the oils little and often, one or two small pumps will be more than enough for your face, neck and décolletage morning and evening. Using more than this means the excess will sit on the skin and could block pores, attracting bacteria and causing breakouts and congestion. Any excess product can be rubbed into the backs of your hands. You may need more in the summer or winter months. 

The second thing to remember is to use the oils consistently, you need to use them every morning and evening to see results. Ideally you will use our products in isolation, without other products that may affect how the oils are absorbed.  

In the morning put a small amount of oil onto clean dry skin, then add the cream on top of the oil. The cream helps the oil absorb and forms a protective, matt surface for make up. Repeat in the evening to help your skin repair as you sleep. 

You can mix a pump of Facial Oil in with your cleanser to create an effective makeup remover, for stubborn waterproof mascara, you can even loosen the product with a gentle rub of neat oil before washing it away with the facial wash. 

 How to use Eye Firming Cream

 Use a tiny amount and pat into the orbital area. You will only need a very small amount. You can also use the eye firming cream on other areas such as the neck to tighten and firm. If you are going to use it on other areas, apply it at night and without any facial oil. If you are doing this revolve your products: Firming Eye cream night, Facial Oil on the next. 

The main active ingredient in the eye cream is the Poppy Seed extract which works by making the elastins and fibres contract, creating a tightness and firmness.  

To sum up,

use the oils  in the morning to stop the daily damage and trap in with the Blending Cream / Moisturiser to create a base for makeup.  Then use the face wash or face wash and oil to remove makeup and clean the skin in the evening followed by the oils to repair overnight. If you are using the firming eye gel on any area other than the eyes make sure you rotate this with the oils. 

And this is the routine that will reduce the main cause of damage i.e. free radicals

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