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Sample Kit 3ml (for people prone to Rosacea)

Sample Kit 3ml (for people prone to Rosacea)

£4.99 GBP

3ml sample pots of each product (enough for 2 applications) and free delivery.

NOTE: you can only order 1 sample kit / if you try to buy more than one our website will charge you for all samples, but you will only receive 1 sample kit in the post. Please only buy 1 sample to try, if the products work for you please return and purchase the full sizes. We find in about 30% of cases  our 'allergy / extra sensitive range' works best. So we will include samples of this too. Try the rosacea sample kit on one side and the extra sensitive kit on the other to see which works best for you (many cases of rosacea are allergy/sensitivity related)

What does the Sample Kit Contain?

  1. Face Wash  - an extremely gentle yet effective face wash enriched with vitamins and minerals to effectively remove makeup, dirt and impurities without irritating, stripping or leaving delicate complexions feeling vulnerable.
  2. Moisturiser  - an easily absorbed cream, rich in antioxidants, protein and vitamins to cool, soothe and nourish the skin. 
  3. Facial oil – a calming, soothing oilrich in antioxidants, vitamins and proteins to provide superior protection from free radical damage, whilst reducing redness. 

We offer a small trial kit so you can feel secure that it won't cause further irritation or waste your money. The samples should last for a couple of days (roughly 2 applications) so you can see the initial soothing effects of the products.

Just to note the products won't immediately solve your issues that quickly as they need to be used over a period of time to see long term benefit but you should see an improvement in your skin that would indicate they will work for you

for the allergy/sensitivity range click here