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Its been made pretty confusing what UVB and UVA is from the sun? (UVB is the burn, UVA is the radiation emitted by the sun). UVA is what really accelerates cancerous cells so super important to protect yourself from that (most SPF products don’t). Please read our link below - It’s a short piece on how to protect yourself from both and why don’t really recommend SPF creams because of the dangers to long term health! but, we give some ways on getting around that:

also, if your still interested its worth noting about vitamin D deficiency (vitamin D comes from sunlight and many people are having health effects from lack of it). if you use a SPF you won’t get as much vitamin D: a recent science report explained that low vitamin D will increase your chances  20 fold of getting C19 virus and more liable to need intensive care if you do ...So ditch the SPF,  get the oil on and absorb,  you only need about 10-20mins on the skin with the oil to get enough for days but if you have dark skin, you need to double that at least 

Just like you swap out sweaters for shorts in your biannual closet changeover, your beauty routine should undergo a similar shift to meet the changing needs of your skin. To help with the transition, we rounded up our top 8 products that’ll keep your summer glow on-point from head to pedicured toe.