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Our face is the photo we show the world ..yet is the first thing to show your age
Lines, Wrinkles, Dry skin, Sagging… even the dreaded crepey skin yet it does not need to be like that. When I see people with aged skin,
I know from my huge amount of cell research over the last 20 years that all that has happen is they have trusted the big brands of skincare who have not got a clue about anti -ageing or proper skincare.
So why are we different, why can you expect different results?
Well it is about skincare that work on a molecular level,
most skincare brands are about the surface. get it feeling smooth with nice packaging and they will buy it is the big brands philosophy
But that’s not us, we work on the cell science level that is pioneering, how we can live longer and be more healthy
and it’s the compounds in plants where this new science is changing everything.
So, we are not about fancy packaging, coupled with false promises
that’s why you get results like karen here at 64 one of our co-founders.
The first place to start is our oils, you must must use natural oils if you want real anti-ageing.
They are concentrated molecules of antioxidants, vitamins omega's which neutralise the main source of cell ageing... free radicals.
Then move onto a cream on top to trap the oil into the skin, which gives a matt finish for make up.
Then you get great repairing and regeneration of collagen
which rebuilds fibres which restore elastin’s which spring back skin so no wrinkles
That’s the best skin care you can get and it’s called natural elements 20 years in the making
Ps don’t forget using the right natural cleansing is also paramount! If you would like some advice from Co-Founder Karen directly you can send her an email here