Scientifically Proven Skincare for Sensitive Skin

With over 70% of UK adults report that they have sensitive skin, we are seeing ten times the amount of queries than we did a few years ago from people who are are suffering from reactive, sensitised, sore and uncomfortable skin. We've been helping people with skin issues for over thirty years and have helped people who have tried dozens of other products, even products recommended by medical professionals or skin experts. We believe that the increase is due to excessive product use - some people we speak to use lots of products containing strong actives which long-term can damage the skin barrier leading to sensitivity and soreness. we also use a lot more synthetic chemicals in our every day life than we did a few years ago, all of which can impact skin health and skin barrier strength. 

Our range for sensitive skin is organic, 100% natural made without any fragrance, irritants or synthetic chemicals. We offer a sample pack so you can try a full routine to see for yourself how our products calm and soothe the skin. 

If you would like any personalised advice from our Biogentologist, dermatology expert and co-founder John call us on 01299 253994

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