Sample Pack ~ Detoxing Kit For Oily Skin £20 kit of samples

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    NES422/S (NES001/NES004/NES006/NES024)

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    you actually get four products in the kit, although the photo only shows three 
    1. Detoxing Face Wash, 5ml
    2. Moisturiser 5ml
    3. Spot serum 5ml
    4. Detoxing Facial Oil, 5ml 

    If you are new to Natural Elements and would like to try these all-natural, results-driven products, we offer a hand-picked trial pack consisting of samples worth over £20 . Please note we can only ship samples to the UK. . Free shipping as well..

    You don't know until you try! We understand you might be sceptical about going for our alternative, but natural products, especially our type regularly, are highly effective at oily or spot-prone skin without all the nasty chemicals, so we offer a small trial kit as a sample of our products. The samples should last for a couple of days, so you can see the initial soothing effects of the products. Assuming you are happy once you've tried the samples, you will need to use the full sizes daily in order to obtain maximum benefits.


    Naturals, which are 100% work a million times better than synthetics because they work at a molecular level in the skin, not just the surface; they balance and control the sebum, which causes oily skin. Naturals have the power to bring order to cells yet do not dry the skin out or cause other skin issues